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From: Jerry Coole
Subject: Family Guys 1Darren felt good after the 5-a-side session. models lolitas photo gallery
As a rule he played football
twice a week with the same group he'd played for since he was at school. A
few of the guys had changed, and now they played for fun, rather than in
any kind of league. It was a fifteen minute walk home to the council flat
he shared with his Dad and brother. Matt, his cousin, who young russian nn lolita was the same age
as Darren and had been with the team for as long, walked with him through
the estate they'd grown up on. It was already after 9.30 and more-or-less
dark dark. Darren lit both their cigarettes as the headed home. Sometimes
they called for a beer, but Darren was not in the mood raped lolita schoolgirl pics for the usual
football lad chat in the pub.They reached Darren's flat first. They said their goodbyes and agreed that
Matt might pop round later on when he'd changed and eaten. The flat was on
the eighth floor and concious of his fitness, Darren usually walked up. At
22 he reckoned he was reasonably fit, but tonight he felt knackered, and
called the lift. There was always something nostalgic about the lift.
Despite the camera, there was the usual evidence of grafitti and the smell
of stale piss. As a kid he'd pissed in the lift just to see the disgusted
look from others who had to get in and avoid the puddle. The lift slowed
and the door slid open. The door of the flat was directly opposite. He got
his key out and let himself in, padded through the hall way and into the
living room."Alright, what you up to yer fuckin dosser!" he hollered to his brother,
Josh, who was slumped on the couch in a black bathrobe. Josh was two years
younger that Darren and still a student. He grinned, showed Darren a V
sign, and took a long drag from the cigarette in his hand. Darren sat on a
dining chair at the opposite side of the room and also lit up another
cigarette. He pulled off his trainers, his socks and shin pads and rested
his feet on another chair. Then he yanked off his yellow football top, his
shorts and jock strap, and slumped back naked blowing smoke rings into the
air.Darren's body was toned but not over muscled. He was proud of his tattoos
which had grown in number over the past few years with many linked
together. His tribal tattoos on his arms curved over his chest, then round
onto his lower back. They formed into one at the base of his back before
splitting to form a delicated circular pattern on each of his ass cheeks,
then moved down the backs of his thighs. His newest, and favourite tattoo
started at the base of his dick and became a fountain of stars and suns and
moons as it spread upwards and onto his stomach. His pubes were almost all
gone apart from a carefully trimmed triangle of hair above his cock which
allowed his tattoo to show through."What do you think of this then?" said Josh, who now removed his bath robe
and sprawled himself naked with legs apart."Fuckin hell, man that looks good!" replied Darren as he stared at Josh's
smooth asshole. Josh hadn't liked that idea of shaving his pubes but had
finally done it. "Let's have a feel then!" Darren got up, walked over to
his brother and ran his finger around his brother's butt hole. "Nice and
smooth," he grinned. Darren then kneeled down, took beautiful nude lolita video a final long gulp from
his cigarette, then exhaled as he licked the skin around Josh's smooth
hole. Josh moaned. He moved upwards, taking each of his balls into his
mouth and gently sucking on them. Then along the back of his boned cock,
sliding back Josh's long foreskin so he could lap his tongue around his
purple head and enjoy the clear juices dribbling out of his piss slit.Darren now maneouvred Josh, sliding him onto his stomach with his lolita top 199 tgp knees
slightly under him and his arse upwards and ready! Now Darren positioned
himself with his boned up cock ready for action. He lubed up his fingers
and slid them into Josh's crack, them used his hips to press his cock
firmly but gently into Josh's tight asshole. Josh was panting gently with
occasional moans of pleasure. Darren was warm and sighed pleasurably, his
dick fully inside. He now began to work his hips slowly and Josh gave out
gentle moans as his big bro's dick thrust in deep sending pleasure waves up
his spine and around his body. Darren began to speed up, his balls bouncing
of the top of Josh's legs. Josh's hole felt slippier as Darren pounded it
faster and faster, pulling his cock further out before forcing it back
in. Both their bodies were moving together as one. Darren knew he was he
was new to exploding and Josh knew as he felt his bro's dick get even
stiffer and wider.Then he came."Fuck, Fuck, Fuck", he yelped as he the surge of cum spurted out of him.Josh squealed as he felt the jet of hot jizz fire up inside him and warm
him through. His screwed his eyes up tight and hoped this feeling would go
on for ever.As the surge ebbed Darren flopped onto Josh's back wrapping his arms around
him and squeezing him tight. He felt totally relaxed as he kissed his
brother gently on the back of the neck. His cock, though softer was still
inside Josh and, at that moment he just wanted it to stay there.When the two guys eventually separated Josh leaned over Darren and pressed
his lips on his. Then he moved down his body and licked the white
translucent film that was covering Darren's smooth dick.Without warning the entry phone buzzed and both guys jumped
momentarily. Then Darren remembered that their cousin, Matt, said he might
come round. This was confirmed when he heard the his voice at the end of
the receiver. He pressed the switch to release the door, lit a cigarette,
then headed for the bathroom to empty his bladder. As he came back out the
hallway door swung open and Matt entered the flat. He grinned when he saw
Darren still naked, facing him."Great welcome!" joked Matt shaking Darren's cock."I only put clothes on for strangers!" retorted Darren."Me too!" said Matt, "And as you're not a stranger I'd better remove
these!"Back in the lolita ls toplist bbs living room Josh was slowly wanking his nob as Matt and Darren
entered. He smiled sheepishly at Matt and carried on playing with himself."You'll go blind doing that!" laughed Matt, as he removed his boxers and
laid them on the floor with the rest of his stuff."Some one better help me, then," said Josh.Darren jibed "That guy's never fucking satisfied. I've just fucked his ass
for him and he still wants more!""Seems like it runs in the family," Matt joked, "I certainly didn't come
round for a cup of tea!"Darren stubbed out his cigarette. He went over to Josh and gripped his
cock."You get that sucked when I get my bum filled," he stated seriously.Then he laid out across the couch, hanging his head over one end. Matt
knelt on the cushion behind him and leaned over. He loved the smell Darren
exuded and began to rim his hot hole. Matt and Darren had been fucking each
other since they were fifteen and he knew exactly where to stick his tongue
to give maximum pleasure, and Darren moaned softly as he always did. As
Matt paused, Darren beckoned Josh who slipped his cock into his waiting
gob. It was hard and warm and moist. Matt's tongue was soon replaced with
his firm, hungry man cock. After so much practice, it slid easily inside,
but the amazing feeling it gave them both never ceased. This was Darren's
idea of heaven: a cock in both ends. He sucked and licked his brother's hot
tool as Matt pumped his ram rod up his expectant shit hole. Josh seemed to
have gained an amazing spurt of power as he fucked his brother's
mouth. Darren felt his dick hit the back of his throat and its force made
his head shake as he tried to suck and control the beast. And at the same
time Matt's fat 7 incher slammed in and out, in and out, his furry bush
pressing against Darren's ultra smooth butt crack. His moaning became more
intense as the two fuck tools ramraided him simultaneously.Suddenly Josh gasped "Oh fuck, man. Oh fucking hell man. Oh shit that's soo
good. Oh, oh ooh1"Darren made gasping and gurgling noises as fuck juice engulfed his
mouth. As he rested his tongue on Josh's nob he could feel it pulsating as
cum was forced out. He gulped some down, and more dribbled out and down
onto his chin.As Matt became aware of cum spurting from Matt's dick he couldn't hold off.He panted "Your getting a fuckin big load, mate, it's cumming!"Almost together Darren and his cousin panted and let out high pitch squeals
as his second hole was flooded with a sea of hot semen."Fuck man! That was good!" gasped Darren, his face glowing and expressing
his feeling of ultimate pleasure.The moans continued until the guys all collapsed on the sofa, content and
exhausted.It was Matt who eventually moved, fetching tissues to wipe his sticky dick
and Darren's cum leaking butt hole; water to drink and cigarettes. After
finishing his smoke, Matt headed off to Darren and Josh's bedroom and and
laid on Josh's bed."I'm fucking knackered," said Josh shortly afterwards and headed off,
crashing out on Darren's bed.Darren, knowing he wasn't working until mid afternoon the following day lay
there relaxed. He took lolita school girl com
a big gulp of water, lit another smoke and began to
stroke his dick slowly. The sudden sound of the door clicking open and the
jangle of keys brought him out the the relaxed trance he was in.A moment later his Dad appeared in the room. He little girls lolitas com was wearing his works
overalls - worked as a printer and stared at his naked son, who smiled up
at his father as he continued to masturbate."Alright, son. Want some help?"To be continued.I like receiving your comments: jeek0hotmail.co.uk
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